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Tennis Racquet Reviews For Beginners

Best Tennis Racquet – Compare Reviews and Ratings. Tennis racquet technology has advanced a long way from the times of stars like Jack Kramer and Stan Smith. Wooden racquets have since been replaced by graphite and other composites offering tremendous power without sacrificing much control. Today's racquets also offer a wide range of playing capabilities, benefiting beginning players, juniors, seniors, individuals who favor a baseline game, a net game, you name it. If you're looking for a new tennis racquet, check out our lists of best tennis racquets in the specific area you're looking for. Also, take the time to read our tennis racquet buyer's guide for a detailed look at the trade- offs involved in choosing a racquet best for you. Best Tennis Racquet for Control: There's an old adage in tennis that a racket can't offer both power and control because the more power, the less control, and vice versa.

However I believe it is wrong as rackets can offer power and control simultaneously. Let's consider what we mean by power and control to make things explicit before we move on to the five best rackets for control. Power is the concept of how fast you can make the ball move in response to your swing.

Tennis Racquet Reviews For BeginnersTennis Racquet Reviews For Beginners

Looking for the best tennis racquet? We have expert reviews of tennis racquet and a guide on how to choose one.

Control is less clear and it'd be easy to say that it's a property of a racket that directs the ball. But, there's often a difference between where you THINK the racket is pointing at impact and where it’s actually pointing at impact. So where does the notion of power vs.

Tennis Racquet Philippines Racquets for Tennis for sale at 2016 Price List Best Brands Latest Online Reviews Effortless Shopping! If you’re here just to find the best tennis racquet and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our.

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It likely arose early in tennis, with wooden rackets, and gut or nylon strings. Those rackets were very flexible compared to today's frames. To get power you had to swing really fast or “hard”. But, the faster you swing, the more challenging it is to maintain good form. You don't stay on the ball, your head pops up, your weight doesn't flow through the swing. The result is less control. It works in reverse too.

Related Women’s Tennis Racquet Lists Best Tennis Racquets. There are tennis racquets available for all player levels with different designs, weights, and feels. How to Choose a Tennis Racquet. Whether you're a beginner hitter or dreaming of becoming the next tennis champion, buying a tennis racquet will make a big difference.

You can hit easy soft floaters to specific spots, but they don't have much velocity or . It all depends on your swing speed, and your level of skill. If you’re a very skilled player you can get tremendous precision/control with great power from some of the stiffest frames in the game.

If you are a beginner, you're likely to have a more challenging time because your swing speed will be slower or else your form will suffer. You'll get more control and a better trade- off from a flexible racket.

If you're confused, it's okay. Ultimately, you have to get the racket in your hands and try it. Your brain is the ultimate arbiter of whether or not you are getting the control you want with the power you need. The rackets on this list offer the opportunity for precision placement and torsional rigidity, with significant plow through for players with high swing speeds and swing lengths. You'll find they generally have dense string patterns and smaller head sizes, are mainly stiff, aren't head light, and support higher string tensions.

This is a great racket for players with a fast swing speed. Read Full Review. This racket is designed to provide very good power and extremely good precision at high swing speeds. The racket performs at low tensions, but for more control it also performs extremely well at high tensions.

Read Full Review. The Wilson Pro Staff 9. The heavy swing weight gives superior torsional stability and the racket plays well even when strung at the high end of the 4. Read Full Review. For better players who can hit the sweet spot consistently, the relatively smaller racket head size offers better control. It's a flexible racket but with mass to provide sufficient stability.

Read Full Review. The VCORE Xi is a stiff racket offering good torsional stability and playability at least to 6.

It's light, and can play with a little adjustment by adding some extra weight to the head and still maintain control. Read Full Review. X-Men Legends Demo Download here. Best Tennis Racquet for Power: There's a time in every serious tennis player's career where they’ll wants to hit the ball harder. They see openings in rallies, hit to the open court, but find they aren't hitting with enough pace. Their opponent covers the shot and the rally continues. There are at least two choices in solving the problem. The first is to take the ball earlier, reducing your opponent's time.

The other option is to add velocity to your shot and for that, you may need a more powerful racket. The rackets on this list offer power to a variety of play levels, all the way from beginner to professional.

Tennis Racquet Reviews. Best Tennis Racquet.

We took a look at the most popular tennis racquets in the market and narrowed it down to the top ten. We compared them side- by- side on over 2.

Whether you are shopping for yourself, or looking for your child, we have all the information you need. Introduction to the Tennis Racquet Reviews. There are many different types, sizes, styles and even colors of tennis racquets on the market today. Finding the perfect one for yourself or your child can be a daunting task if you don.

One of these three top ten tennis racquets may be exactly what you. The power bridge increases hitting power, and vibration is reduced with the Stop Shock Pads. The price is excellent, providing a superior racquet without having to break your wallet. Made of lightweight aluminum, this racquet pleases in many ways.

Beginning and intermediate players that have slow to moderate swings will love the Head racquets we have featured here and if you play often the Wilson Tour Slam will be an enjoyable racquet to take onto the court. All three are available in multiple grip sizes to accommodate different size hands and grips. The wrong racquet can affect performance and even cost them the match so it is important that time is spent ensuring the player has the right racquet for them. These include: The material of the frame. The size of the racquet head. The length of the racquet overall. String patterns. Grip size.

By taking all these factors into account you can narrow the choices down to the ones that will fit your needs, skill level and playing style the best. The Material of the Frame. If you. This type of racquet is good for the player that plays recreationally a few times each month or even once a week.

Vibration tends to be more of an issue with an aluminum racquet and the player may notice more of an impact to the arm than with other materials. If you. Graphite tennis racquets are lightweight but much sturdier and rigid than aluminum racquets are. They can last many years and offer the player much more accuracy as well. Graphic composite tennis racquets are made up of a combination of materials including titanium, Kevlar and fiberglass.

Players that try graphite composite racquets may find that they are more flexible than graphite and will bend more than a stiffer, graphite only racquet. A graphite composite racquet provides more control but they tend to not generate as much power as graphite only models.

Stiffer tennis racquets are, as a general rule, more powerful but you will have less control over the ball. Another factor to think about if you participate on a team or professionally is that stiffer racquets are much easier for the opponent to anticipate where the ball will go when hit.

The Size of the Racquet Head. The power and control of your racquet is determined by the head size. There are three basic size ranges of tennis racquet heads: Standard which ranges from 8.

Smaller racquet heads are much easier to control but don. A larger head has the opposite problem of less control but more power. When you are first starting out in tennis you should get a racquet that has a head between 1. This is a good size for having a bit larger sweet spot to work with and works you into learning where to hit the ball and how to control your shots better. As you increase your knowledge and performance you can opt for a smaller head if you choose. Which Racquet Frame is Best? There are three types of racquet frames: Control, Tweener and Power.

They are also good for players who are looking to put more spin on the ball as it leaves the racquet. The power frame racquet has larger and much more forgiving sweet spots than standard racquets do. The power frame racquet is great for players that have physical limitations, have shorter, more compact swings, and for those players that need a more forgiving frame. When they are head heavy, your stability and momentum will be increased in a lighter framed tennis racquet. It is how a tennis racquet is measured for stiffness.

You can always add an overgrip if your chosen grip size is too small. String Pattern – There are two basic string patterns when it comes to racquets: open pattern and dense pattern. Children in the 6 to 8 year old range and who are 4. These customizations can be done at a tennis shop in most cases. If the grip is too small, an overgrip can be added.

Proper Measuring . They should be able to extend their arm comfortably while doing this. If they have to bend their elbow or they can.

Detailed tennis racquet reviews on the most popular brands and models! So you want to start playing tennis? Well you’re going to need a few things, so let’s start with the most important piece of tennis equipment you will ever need! Below are several tennis racquet reviews to help you pick out the best tennis racquet for you. Read the tennis racquet reviews, demo a tennis racquet, and if you love it, buy it! There are a few different sizes that come standard; 4 1/8. The most commonly used size for men is 4 1/2.

The best way to measure the perfect grip size for your tennis racquet is to use a ruler. With your ruler you will want to measure your dominant hand, or playing hand, from the middle crease of the palm of your hand and measure up to the tip of your ring finger. Whatever grip size you choose, make sure you start with something a little smaller, that way, if it’s not quite right you can built it up. If you pick too large, it’s close to impossible to make the grip smaller. One thing that many tennis players don’t realize is that grip sizes can be build up, if you decide that a 4 3/8. There are two ways of doing this; the first is probably the cheapest and easiest way of doing it.

Use an over grip, it’s similar to a normal grip, however; it’s usually not as thick, they are simple to put on and replace when needed. Overgrips come in a vast variety of colors, absorbency, and thicknesses, The other is a little more challenging and may require you to visit your local pro shop to have them do it. You can buy a heat shrink sleeve, which is a sleeve that is heat shrunk to build up a grip either 1/2 a grip size or one full grip size. Finding the right tennis racquet weight: Finding the correct racquet weight is essential to your game.

There are many different weighted tennis racquets, some come as light as 8 ounces and some as heavy as 1. The thing about heavier racquets is that you can swing them pretty hard and get some great pace with it, however; the draw back is that you will fatigue quickly if you are not accustom to it and there is the potential of hurting yourself if you play it for too long. With a lighter racquet you may have to swing longer and faster to get some real pace, but you won’t injure yourself quite a quickly. Similar to the tennis grip, you can modify the weight of a tennis racquet, you can purchase lead tape which goes on the head of the racquet, and you can even put some weight under your grip. A typical beginner tennis racquet will usually start at 9 ounces then as you become stronger and more confident in your game, you can add weight or purchase a heavier racquet.

Finding the right tennis racquet head size: Many beginners don’t realize that there are a variety of tennis racquet head sizes, there are many different sizes ranging from 8. Now, what’s the difference? Well, it’s simple really; smaller head size, smaller sweet spot; bigger head size, bigger sweet spot. It’s the small area in the string bed that produces the most power, spin, control, and feel of the ball.

When buying your first tennis racquet you will probably want to buy a racquet with a bigger head size (1. With a bigger head size you will have a bigger sweet spot which will be more forgiving when making contact with the ball. As you grow into your tennis game and become a better player you may want to toy around with the idea of playing with a smaller head size.

If you do purchase a tennis racquet with a smaller head size, you should expect to hit a few shanks right off the bat. You are missing the sweet spot!

Though, when you do hit that sweet spot, it’s a thing of beauty, you’ll notice how quickly the tennis ball flies off the strings and how controlled the ball is. Using a smaller head size, does take a lot of practice of honing in the timing of your swing in relation to the ball. Most of the players we’ve talked to like the smaller head size because it allows them to get more pace off the ball and let’s them control points with ease. Using all this information plus the tennis racquet reviews above, you will be able to easily pick out the best tennis racquet for your tennis game!