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Put Games On Xbox 360 Flash Drive

How to put xbox 3.

How to Change the XBox 3. DVD Drive Key. Turn off the computer. Remove the power plug from the connector on the computer. Open the computer's case. Put the Xbox 3. 60 DVD drive into one of the empty DVD bays of the computer. Attach the power plug from inside of the drive bay to the power connector on the DVD drive.

Attach the ribbon cable from inside of the drive bay to the connector on the DVD drive. Close the computer's case and turn the computer on. Download and install the 3. Firmware Toolbox program to the desktop of the computer (see link in Resources). Radeon 9200 Se Driver Windows 7 Download. Restart the computer once installation is complete. Run the 3. 60 Firmware Toolbox program. Select . Name the file that is going to be made .

Put Games On Xbox 360 Flash Drive

I put a USB flashdrive into my Xbox 360, and I moved my main profile into it, and then I plugged the USB flashdrive in my computer to mod my profile. How to Take Music From Your Computer and Put It on Your Xbox 360. Do you wish you could listen to your own music while playing your favorite video games?

Can you transfer stuff from a flash drive to you xbox 360 if so then can you tell me how please. Dstruktiv released a new version of NXE2GOD, an application for homebrew 360s that will converts NXE installed games to Games on Demand. My old XBox 360 (2007) model started red ringing so I ultimately bought a new slim (4GB model). I took the 20GB drive from the old xbox and plugged it into the new.

Quit the 3. 60 program, turn off the computer and open the case. Replace the Xbox 3. DVD drive with the replacement DVD drive and attach the connections to the replacement DVD drive. Open the DVD tray and put a Xbox 3. Close the disc tray and turn the computer back on. Run the 3. 60 Firmware Toolbox program and repeat the process of saving the file from the replacement DVD drive.

Select the most recent version of the Firmware listed in the column of the window that appears. Name the file you are about to make . Navigate in the window that appears to the . Copy the file's name by pressing . Turn off the computer. Disconnect all of the connections from the computer to the replacement DVD drive. Close up the computer's case.

Attach the replacement DVD drive to the Xbox 3. DVD drive. Reassemble the Xbox 3. Reattach all the cables to the Xbox 3. DVD that is now inside of it with the changed DVD key that lets it work with the game console.

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  • Hi Guys, I'm looking to get a hard drive for my 360, I have the new 4gb Slim model. So what is the hard drive they sell? Is it just a 2.5' hard drive in an enclosure?
  • Intro: Upgrading the Xbox 360 hard drive CHEAP! With all the new content for download and the ability to copy games to the hard drive, 20GB just would not.
  • Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. How to put any xbox 360 game on your computer.
  • I'm guessing u have the 4 gb Slim model, and want to expand ur memory with ur old xbox 360's hdd. I'll b showing u how to take the hard drive.