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Petporte Smart Flap Problems

Pet. Safe Petporte Microchip Smart Flap. Easy to refit, once you know. After several years however the sensor failed. I'll order another door however as it has been good overall. We then realised that the green catch was sticking down and not releasing when our cats came in and out and so the door was basically just open the whole time. The new one is very similar, but still covers the hole from my old one.

Stop Unwanted Cats From Making A Mess And Scaring Your Moggy! Read Our Microchip Cat Flap Reviews & Buy A Recommended 21st Century Cat Flap. Cat Flaps & Nets Cat flaps give your pet the opportunity to come in and go out any time - a special cat door just for your moggy! Buy Staywell Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Flap - White - Door or Wall Mounting at Guaranteed Cheapest Prices with Express & Free Delivery available now at. What is a reasonable length of time to leave a dog alone? Dogs, more than any other type of pet, are social animals. They crave human company and interaction; after.

  • How do I stop foxes getting in through cat flap?
  • PetSafe Petporte Microchip Smart Flap, made from UV resistant plastic, has an integrated chip reader which only lets your own cat go through the flap.
Petporte Smart Flap Problems

Read reviews posted by customers for Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Flap - Door Mounting Only. Free Document Scanning Software For Windows Xp.

Installed easily but didn't work on my cat I'd had chipped a week previously. Backwards and forwards to customer support, no waiting etc.. They sent out trial chips immediately etc.. They suggested cats chip was malfunctioning and sent me out another one.

Petporte Smart Flap Problems

Re chipped cat flap works instantly. We have just welcomed a new kitten into our home and as yet is too young to go outside. There is no option to let certain cats out and not others which is a real pain. Having to watch the kitten at all times to make sure she doesn't follow our older cat. At night it's not a problem as we could either choose the 'Vet Mode or Night Mode' but then that's not fair on the older cat as he goes out day and night. So, the beep was then disabled. However, as a result of the initial scare, it took weeks to get the cat to try it again as he was REALLY put off by his first experience with the beep.

So, I suggest defaulting the beep OFF at initial install. Otherwise, the unit is well- built and operates as it should.

It's great if your cats are easily persuaded, but if they are like mine then this flap will not keep them in, and I dare say anything else wanting to come in. There is a warning to this effect on the unit in th ebox.

They can wriggle through this thank god. One of them takes their collar off with their paws and the other does't wear a collar as it caused small bald patches round his neck,so we really couldn't use a magnetic one. This is so brilliant because the cats cannot get outside at night (they can come in) but during the day whether it is my cat or not they can get outside, meaning any cats which somehow get in through windows ect. It only lets your cats come into your house, which is really great especially as our boys tend to fight with foxes and other cats and it gives us peace of mind that if the cats need to escape from foxes/cats they can always get in to the house. On the whole though, we feel it is well worth it and the benefits well outweigh the breakages. However it is only let down a little by having a confusing array of functions that is only accessed by using a combination of 2 button pushes in sequence order. It needs a line of small push button switches on the housing for each function.

OR have fitted a usb port to connect to a pc to alter the settings - it's not rocket science and there room inside to make this happen. Ours is profiled and we used thick floorboard sealing foam rubber. I found my communications got ignored. My boy cat loves it and used it without hesitation. His sister is more timid and will not use it even now 6 months later. I don't think this particular cat flap is to blame though as she will happily come and go if I use a piece of string to keep the flap open! So seems she can not work out how to push the flap with her head which I guess means she wouldn't be able to use any other cat flap.

We chose this over a magnetic one as our cats are always losing their collars. We're very pleased with it and have no complaints. It was easy to install, even in our double- glazed door.

Our cats had never used any kind of catflap before and were comfortable to use this one within just 2. They are not bothered by the click (there's also a digital beep sound which can be turned off if you want to). Night mode and Vet mode are very useful features. The flap also unlocks super fast which is fantastic for us as our two are always chasing each other in & out. It seems strong & secure and there are no draughts, even in high winds. We are very happy with it and have recommended it to friends who are also happy with theirs.

This flap is study and secure. It's very sensitive unlocking for my cat as she runs up to it if scared in the garden and it gives her plenty of pondering time by the flap when she is indecisive. I've recently got two kittens and so we are using vet mode to ensure they don't get out and my adult cat cannot push her way past the lock. If one cat cannot go out the others should be allowed. They also seem fairly stressed in general since we acquired it. Our old flap was a different size, so cannot put that back in, but I'm seriously considering getting a replacement if they don't get used to it soon.

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