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New Callaway Diablo Octane Driver

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New Callaway Diablo Octane Driver

What is the difference between the 20 Diablo Octane Tour? Is it only the shaft length? Also, the Callaway website talks about the lighter feel and the.

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The Callaway Diablo Octane driver crown is made up of more than 10 million individual turbostratic carbon fibers creating a lighter clubhead that retains an extremely. Pick up a Callaway driver, a high performance club that makes shooting balls down the fairway easy. Callaway has a single aim: to deliver the best performing products. Titanium Wood Heads from Acer, PowerPlay, Nextt and all the hottest clones.

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Find great deals on eBay for callaway driver senior cobra driver senior. Shop with confidence. New Callaway X Hot / Razr Fit Xtreme Optifit Torque Wrench Kit. Shop new and used Callaway golf clubs from 2nd Swing and get a great deal when you trade in your used clubs. Browse by club type, and learn more about Callaway below. Features & Benefits The new all-stainless steel Diablo Octane Fairway Woods are built for power. Suzuki Carry Van Workshop Manual read more. Aggressive VFT Technology precisely varies the internal thickness of.

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Callaway Diablo Octane Driver Review. About. com Rating. Compare Prices. Bottom Line: The Callaway Diablo Octane driver is a good- looking and performing driver aimed at golfers looking for extra distance. A new composite creates a lighter head, and coupled with a longer shaft length allows higher swing speed and greater distance for the same effort. Pros. Extra yards off the tee for mid- and high handicappers due to lighter weight and longer shaft Lighter weight is easy to swing for majority of golfers Upgrade Project X is stock equipment. Cons. Carbon and resin head does not deliver traditional titanium driver sound Longer shaft can sacrifice accuracy in pursuit of distance. Review: Callaway Diablo Octane Driver.

When your golf- industry competition claims to have the longest driver in the market, you can't be content to let those claims go unchallenged. So, Callaway - which has created many iconic drivers in its history, including the original Big Bertha - has answered with the Diablo Octane driver. The equation is relatively simple: longer shaft (arc) + lighter weight = greater clubhead speed. Greater speed = longer drives. Working with the design team at performance automobile company Lamborghini, Callaway developed a material it calls Forged Composite.

It's sure to get a golfer's attention, but that title is a little bit of a misnomer, since the word forged usually refers to irons made from a single block of metal. The Callaway/Lamborghini Forged Composite material instead is made from . This material is actually visible in the head. The Forged Composite results in an overall weight savings, and coupled with Callaway's longest stock shaft ever (a 4. Grafalloy low- kick Project X) looks like it follows the trend of lighter, longer drivers yielding longer drives. Let's find out if it does.

Most Low- Handicappers Will Opt for Tour Model. The marketing campaign for the Diablo Octane driver touts 8 more yards of distance.

Nice attention grabber - who doesn't want to be using one club less into the green? But real- world testing along with testing on a simulator showed the gains were harder to come by, and in some cases didn't come at all.

A solid 1- handicapper tested Diablo Edge and Diablo Octane drivers with the same specs on a launch monitor. The longer shaft on the Octane did result in higher swing speeds and greater ball speed, but another result was more off- center hits and a decrease in average driving distance.

That highly skilled 1- handicapper (who also is a recent state . The results with the standard model and more aspirational golfers were more in line with Callaway's expectations. Yard Gains for Mid- , High Handicappers. Testing showed the Diablo Octane is more likely to produce the results trumpeted by Callaway with mid- and high handicappers. A 1. 3- handicap golfer and a 2. Maybe too scientific, but then . Good news for all parties was that spin rates came down about 1.

Diablo Octane, meaning greater roll upon landing is in the cards with this driver. So, will you be first to hit in your group on each tee box after picking up the Callaway Diablo Octane driver? Will you be picking up another 8 yards over your present driver? That probably depends on the level of your game, but you'll definitely have more than a long shot with the good looking and performing Callaway Diablo Octane.

Callaway Diablo Octane Driver Club Head (I- MIX) Diablo Octane I- MIX Drivers Club Heads. Very forgiving and good club! It takes a little to get use to but after that, you'll love it.

Combined it with the Adila RIP Regular Flex shaft and the diistance and accuracy surpases both the Razr Hawk and the IZ mix. I am a 6. 2 year old that normally hits a dirve 2. Since using the diablo octane, my drives have been consistantly straighter with an occasional draw. Distance now is consistantly 2.

Very forgiving club that has a low profile so I need to tee it lower than normal to maximize my carry and not launch it too high. Callaway preowned has been great with my trials and returns of the I- mix heads to get to the one that worked for me. I have not been this consistent off of the tee in 1. Long, straight, good trajectory, and in the fairway!

I am hitting the 1. Fubuki tour stiff shaft. The only con is that the paint job seems worse than some of the others. I have hit a few balls high on the face (not pop ups) and the paint has chipped.

This did not happen with my Callaway X or the FT- 9s. With this club and changing to the stiff ZCOM 6. Graphite I- MIX Shaft I'm hitting longer and straighter shots. Everyone I've played with has asked to hit it. It even earned me a new nick name !