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Ms Excel 201 For Dummies 2010 Pdf Download

Conditional Formatting in Excel . Better still, you dont even need to be a guru or excel pro to achieve dramatic results. All you need is some coffee and this post to learn some cool conditional formatting tricks. So you got your coffee mug? Highlighting alternative rows / columns in tables.

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No- nonsense project plans / gantt charts. Extreme Incell graphs. Highlight mistakes, errors, omissions, repetitions. Create intuitive dashboards. If you are new to Excel Conditional Formatting, please read the Conditional Formatting Basics article before proceeding. I have created an excel sheet containing all these examples.

Feel free to download the excel and be a conditional formatting rock star. Highlighting alternative rows / columns in tables: Often when you present data in a large table it looks monotonous and is difficult to read.

Excel 2010 formulas 1. COMPUTERS/Spreadsheets $49.99 US

Ms Excel 201 For Dummies 2010 Pdf Download

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This is because your eyes start interpreting the data as grid instead of some important numbers. To break this you try highlighting or changing the background color of alternative rows / columns. But how would you do this if you have rather large table and it keeps changing. The trick lies in Conditional Formatting. Just use your imagination.

Set the format as you like, in my case I have used yellow color. When you are done, the dialog should look something like this: Click OK. Congratulations, you have mastered a conditional formatting trick now . Creating a quick project plan / gantt chart using conditional formatting: Project plans / gantt charts are everyday activity in most of our lives. Creating a simple and snazzy project plan template in excel is not a difficult job, using conditional formatting a bit of formulas you can do it no time. First create a table structure like shown above, with columns like Activity, start and end day, day 1, 2,3, etc. For that we need to identify whether a day falls between start and end.

We can do that with the below formulas,=IF(AND(F$8> =$D9, F$8< =$E9). This will be done by conditional formatting like below: Congratulations, you have mastered the art of creating excel gantt charts now. Extreme In- cell Graphs: Incell graphing is a nifty trick that basically uses REPT() function (used to repeat a string, character given number of times) to generate bar- charts with in a cell. You can apply conditional formatting on top of them to give the charts a good effect. Here is a sample: The above is a table of visits to Chandoo.

As you can see I have highlighted (by changing the font color to red and making it bold) for the cells that have more than average number of visits in the month. I am not going to tell you how to do it, it is your home work . Itunes Android Download Apk Files From Market To Your Pc. Highlight mistakes / errors / omissions / repetitions using conditional formatting: Often we will do highly monotonous job like typing data in a sheet.

Since the work is monotonous you tend to make mistakes, omit a few or repeat something etc. This can be avoided by conditional formatting. I use this trick whenever I am typing something or pasting a formula over a rather large range of cells (for eg. Creating dash boards using excel conditional formatting: As I said before you can use conditional formatting to create intuitive sales reports or analytics outputs. Like the one shown here,Here is how you can do it: Copy your data table to a new table.

Empty the data part and replace it with formula that can go like this (I am using the above table format to write these formulas, may change for your data)=ROUND(C1. Feel free to download the excel and be a conditional formatting rock star. More DIY Excel Training: » Excel for Beginners – Tutorials» Excel Formula Examples» Pivot Tables» Project Management using Excel» Excel Dashboards» Advanced Excel. Share this tip with your friends. Written by Chandoo. Tags: Charts and Graphs, Excel Tips, how to, howtos, in- cell charting, interesting, learn, microsoft, Microsoft Excel Conditional Formatting, MS, spreadsheet, technology, tips, tricks.

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