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Hard Drive Failure Dell Inspiron 1525

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URGENT - Dell Inspiron 1. Hard drive failure - Data Recovery? Please help!(Original post by bellyjellybean). Hello, hope this is the right place?? Yesterday I was on the laptop and it started making a odd noise, like a whirring/beeping/clicking all in one, that goes on for about five seconds, stops for a second and starts again. Then the laptop crashed after about a minute of this, couldn't do anything.

Internal For Your Inspiron 15 (1525) view all : Viewing To Of. Dell 5400 RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive. XPS and Inspiron Laptops

Reset it, and this message comes up: I know I know, I should have backed up every single day etc. But the thing is, there are a lot of business accounts on here that have been updated recently, and it is very very important to try and get this data back. So, do data recovery companies actually work? They seem very pricey, . I am very worried and just don't know what to do. Thank you very much for reading.

Dell Inspiron 1. 52. Hard Drive Failures, Review 2. Dell - Product and Service. Dell. Texas. United States. As someone who is A+ certified and pretty good at solving problems I don't understand why Dell is incapable of solving a simple problem. I was cut off with one tech and got another. This computer, a Dell 5.

Below is my answer to someone who just noted that the tech called the wrong number. This is taking too long to resolve! I shouldn't have to do this myself! If you send someone over to replace a part he should test it, he should have all the parts he needs and, since it's a hard drive with personal data on it, there ought to be instructions on how to transfer the data to the new hard drive. He should not be telling me his problems with fuel reimbursements. He should not be telling me he doesn't want to return to put the cable on.

The hard drive should have been formatted! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT WE WANT SUPPORT? I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS!!! With all the time and money you are spending on this you should be sending me a new computer. This computer has had 3 motherboards including the one it came with.

It now has a new hard drive. I'll say it again: I PAID FOR A SUPPORT CONTRACT, NOT A HIGH AND DRY, DON'T BOTHER US CONTRACT!!!

Dell 256 GB Solid State Hard Drive SATA. 90W Auto / Air DC Adapter for Select Dell Inspiron / Latitude. Controller Cards For Your Inspiron 1525: view all. 1TB hard drive; Special features: Bluetooth; touch screen; backlit keyboard; HDMI output. After a recent hard drive failure, I decided to try a factory reset on my Dell Inspiron 1525 Vista laptop. According to the instruction manual. dell inspiron 1545 hard drive. Try Prime All. 320GB SATA 2.5' HARD DISK DRIVE DELL INSPIRON 1525 1526 1545 N7110 N5110 M5030.

I will never ever recommend a Dell computer to anyone. As soon as the contract I have with you is up I'm buying a Mac.

This is not support: this is aggravation and it's for no reason. I want a working hard drive so I can be sure that when the original one dies I have a backup! I don't want to keep on going through this. Does anyone out there care enough to do their best to keep a customer happy?- -- -- Original Message- -- -- From: US. I will add this information so that they can be reminded to use your home number.

If you are unsuccessful reaching the technician within a reasonable amount of time I can assist you. However, I am available only during my working hours listed below.

My Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop's Hardrive has just failed . Dell Inspiron 1525 Hardrive Failure! If the hard drive really has failed i.e gone kaput.

Regards, Brad - CBG/SMB Resolution Expert Center. Monday ? Friday 8: 0. AM - 5: 0. 0 PM CSTUID: 0. Case: 6. 25. 70. 25. Problem: The replacement hard drive is still not working properly or to my satisfaction.

I was supposed to receive a call tonight to help me set it up. The technician called me at work LAST night under the mistaken impression that that was my home number.

Dell Inspiron 1525- Internal Hard Disk Failure by annacuty1986. Dell Inspiron 1525- Internal Hard Disk Failure. I kept getting a blue screen error, so i rolled back all my drivers and uninstalled every program on my computer because when i read about that particular blue screen. Dell Inspiron 1525 Hard Drive Caddy W/Screws XR733. NEW 1.5TB 2.5' Laptop Hard Drive for Dell Inspiron M501R, M731R (5735. DELL.COM > Community > Support Forums > Laptop > General Hardware > Inspiron 7000 hard drive failure. Laptop computer Forums (Audio. DELL.COM > Community.

I had given her my home number and said that Tuesday would be a good night to do this.

Hard Drive Failure Dell Inspiron 1525Hard Drive Failure Dell Inspiron 1525