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Free Download Game Harvest Moon Save The Homeland Full Version

Free Download Game Harvest Moon Save The Homeland Full Version

Harvest Moon (video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Harvest Moon(. The game first released in Japan in 1. North America in 1. Europe in 1. 99. 8. The European version shipped with language localizations for Germany and France.

All of the free movies found on this website are hosted on third-party servers that are freely available to watch online for all internet users. Play thousands of free online games, including shooting games, arcade free games, racing car games, dress up games and many more on Bgames! Natsume published this series under the name Harvest Moon until 2014. At that time, Natsume maintained the rights to the Harvest Moon series name after. Try Free Full Version Games Store: Try free full version games from our store here.

It is the first game in the long- running Story of Seasons series, previously known as the Harvest Moon series in western territories. The game has been re- released on the Satellaview and the Wii and Wii UVirtual Consoles.

Free Download Game Harvest Moon Save The Homeland Full Version

Gameplay. In both Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town for Nintendo. The primary objective of the Harvest Moon video game series is to restore and maintain a farm that has fallen into disrepair. The player decides how to allocate time between daily tasks, such as farming, raising livestock, fishing, and foraging. For vegetables to develop, they must receive water each day; lack of water does not kill crops, but prevents them from growing. Animals must be fed once a day to keep them producing. While the only care that chickens require is feeding, cows must be continually talked to, brushed, and milked to retain their health. A cow may become sick if not fed for a day and, if untreated, sickness can lead to death.

Chickens may die if left outside, where they can be blown away in a storm or eaten by wild dogs. After dark, the only business in town that the player can access is the bar, where a number of non- player characters gather to drink and talk. Overworld. It consists of three main areas: the player's farm, the town, and the mountain. Bad weather, such as rain, forces the villagers and people on the mountainside to go indoors, so the player has to go inside to talk to them. Seasons and time. Unlike in later Harvest Moon games, the player can effectively stay outside as long as they want without any penalty to stamina. However, when married, the character loses a few affection points with their spouse if they come home after 6 p.

During fall, the only things that grow are mushrooms. Crops, eggs, and milk can be placed in collection boxes, from which a shipper will collect them at 4 or 5 p. The player can also gather herbs and wild fruit in the forest, and fish from a small pond. The player starts with basic tools, such as a watering can, axe, hoe, sickle, seeds, and hammer. All these tools can be upgraded if the player completes certain side quests (although the watering can's improvement must be purchased). Only two items can be carried at a time. Animals. The player must also hug (pick up) the dog at least 1.

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In the winter of the first year, the player also adopts a horse, which can be used as a portable collection box. The barn and henhouse are each capable of holding up to twelve of their respective animals. Cows are purchased from a livestock dealer in town, as is at least one chicken. Additional chickens can be hatched by placing an egg in an incubator instead of selling it. Cows can be bred by purchasing a Miracle Potion from the livestock dealer, which will make a cow pregnant, giving birth after 2. However, due to the cost of the potion and the lost productivity, it is more efficient to buy calves.

Cows, when first purchased or born, require time to grow before they can be milked; afterward, they grow larger and produce greater quantities of milk. Fully developed chickens and cows can be sold for profit. Marriage. Marriage requires characters to be of the opposite gender and that the non- player- character have a high level of affection for the player. Affection is raised by in game courtship, and is measured by a heart or flower gauge, depending on the game version. Courtship involves discovering the specific game items a bachelor or bachelorette desires, and then offering these items as gifts. The player may have to expand his/her house, purchase a double sized bed, and purchase a blue feather for proposal.

Once the player reaches the bachelorettes or bachelor. There are a number of events (some scheduled, some not) that add to the gameplay: Festivals - At set dates, the townspeople gather to celebrate an event.

Examples include the Harvest Festival (revolving around a communal stew, similar to Thanksgiving), the Egg Festival (which features an Easter- like colored- egg hunt), and the Flower Festival. Certain days, such as New Year's Day and the winter solstice, are celebrated more solemnly. Otherwise, festivals usually allow the player to engage in mini- games and to dance with girls.

Disasters - During the summer, it is possible that the area will be struck by a hurricane.

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