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Pittsburgh Panthers baseball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Pittsburgh Panthers baseball is the NCAA Division I intercollegiate baseball program of the University of Pittsburgh, often referred to as .

The Pitt baseball team competes in the Atlantic Coast Conference and plays their home games at Charles L. Cost Field in the Petersen Sports Complex.

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It is the university's oldest recorded sport, dating to 1. Prior to joining the ACC in 2. Pitt had won both the Big East Conference regular season and Big East Tournament championships. The Panthers have also received four First Team All- American selections, and have appeared in three NCAA championships. Panthers have been selected in the Major League Baseball Draft. Joe Jordano has been the head coach of Pitt baseball since 1.

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History. The players are posing in front of Main Hall when the campus was located on Observatory Hill on Pittsburgh's North Side. Baseball has been called . The team went undefeated until it lost to a high school team in 1. Although early records are sparse and incomplete, baseball at the university continued to be played against nearby college teams, although sometimes with irregular schedules, throughout the end of the 1.

Century, as well as at the intramural level. Lewis, who is one of two Panthers to have his baseball jersey retired by the school, led the team for 3. Jackson led the Panthers to a regular season Big East title in 1.

Big East Coach of the Year honors, and went on to win the 1. Big East Conference Baseball Tournament, thus earning a bid to the NCAA Championship and finishing the season ranked 2.

Download Backyard Baseball 2009 For Free

Collegiate Baseball Newspaper poll. Jordano earned the Big East Coach of the Year award in 2. Cost Field, in the Petersen Sports Complex, from its old facility, Trees Field. In addition, two Panthers have been selected as Freshman All- Americans. Hiser, Louisville Slugger, Collegiate Baseball. Jim Negrych, Louisville Slugger, Baseball America.

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Joe Jordano, 2. 00. Joe Jordano, 2. 01. Bill Sherbondy, 1. Jim Negrych, 2. 00. Tournament MVP (Jack Kaiser Award)Jon De. Bernardis, 1. 99. Major League Baseball.

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