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Devildriver Last Kind Words Song List

FAST METAL NEWS discography,tracks,reviews,lyrics,art- covers,line- up: Fa. ST Metal Pages. The reservoir of new Swedish Metal bands seems to be just endless. Hot on the trails of High Roller recording artists Ambush, Air Raid, Lethal Steel, and so many others, there is Armory, a Speed Metal outfit from the lovely city of Gothenburg. Originally formed in the late summer of 2. Resurrector), Armory recorded their first demo Open Fire in December 2. S. M. I. Cosmic War is the name of Armory's debut album on High Roller Records. It was recorded (live) at Black Path Studios, produced by Oscar of RAM fame.

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I guess our influences from the German scene in particular are mostly based around acts such as Running Wild, early Helloween, Scanner, Atlain, Iron Angel. We don't really see the typical Bay Area bands as a major influence, although we do love bands such as Vio- lence and Exodus. Cosmic War as well as some of the song titles and lyrics might lead the listener to speculate about the ten songs following a certain concept.

Baal - 2007 HateMachine Baalphegor - 2001 The End Of Descent Baalphegor - 2006 Post Earthquake Age Babes In Toyland - 1990 To Mother Babes In Toyland - 1992 The BBC. Welcome to Rive Video Promotion and Production, your ONE STOP source for Music Video Promotion and Production. If you are a Record Label, Artist or Band that has made.

Just like with the glorious Agent Steel back in the days.. According to Gustav Sundin, however, that's not the case: . Cosmic War isn't really a complete concept album. Most of the songs deal with some kind of space theme or futuristic visions based upon lack of faith in humanity, but not all of them. The two songs Spinning Towards Doom and Without Days, Without Years are closely interlinked though, these are both meant to function as individual stories about the downfall of mankind and as part 1 and 2 of a grander tale that is likely to be continued in the future.. We would like to write a whole concept album some day but we are not really ready for that, yet.

We think that a good concept album has to be more complex than just dealing with one subject. Maybe our third album will be a complete concept album, then we might be ready for it. And also very forward- looking for a young band such as Armory. The future does look bright for them, although there is a lot of competition as the guitars explains: !

FAST METAL NEWS reviews tracks lyrics art-covers FaST Metal Pages - dedicated to the METAL bands playing SPEED/POWER METAL MUSIC and other styles and genres.

That's really great because speed metal is the most perfect form of music created in our universe (so far). Many of the bands seem to be located in Scandinavia, but the scene seems to be growing everywhere! Here in Sweden we have Tyranex, Antichrist, Immaculate, Enforcer; Finland has Ranger; Norway has T. Some great new speed metal bands from other countries include Sacral Rage, Vektor, Dungeon, Evil Invaders, Encyrcle, Speed Queen.. And probably a lot more..?

The ten tracks on their debut album are very diverse, showing both styles. Since we all participate in the music- writing the music easily gets very diverse, since we all have our own influences and references to whatever we would like to write. Ingelman is mainly the one writing the most technical parts, but Anglegrinder also has his moments of technicality, although his style of writing mostly resembles the Black/Thrash scene in a Speed Metal way, while Ingelman has lots of influences from the Progressive US Metal scene. Our singer Konstapel P’s contributions to the music writing are very much influenced by the German Speed/Thrash scene, but also some of the earlier German Power Metal acts such as Helloween (pre- Kiske era), Scanner, and of course Running Wild, as mentioned before.

We have tried to combine all of our different influences in order to create an album as diverse as possible, while at the same time staying 1. Speed Metal roots at all times. Luckily, Speed Metal is quite a broad and versatile genre, which has enabled us to explore different directions in our sound.

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Devildriver Last Kind Words Song List

This song adds an evil doomsday feeling to the album, which fitted perfectly with our goal of creating an album as diverse as possible, without ever compromising regarding the quality. It is also a great live song which usually gets the front row bangers going crazy. Apart from this, he also disposes quite an arsenal of snarls, screams, howls and cleaner singing as well.

I guess it is just something that developed gradually and naturally over time. Cosmic War is really good, so is Armory a guitar- driven band after all?

This doesn't mean that the other instruments have to stand back though, quite the opposite in our case, but guitar solos and melodies tend to stand out more when you listen to it. I totally understand why you can get this impression while listening to our music, but we would never let the other instruments stand back in order to put more focus on the guitar work..

TEXAS REVOLUTION FEST – Tickets – Empire Control Room & Garage – Austin, TX – October 2. MADBALL Hardcore Lives. Neither Ian Mac. Kaye; nor Mike Muir, nor any member of the Bad Brains would even want to try to explain it.

This scene of ours is misunderstood to the nth degree, and all too often, the wrong party is left trying to school the uninitiated as to its characteristics. Attempting to put New York Hardcore into its proper context may be even tougher. Regardless, most will agree that the NYHC sound - the one most often associated with its scene - begins with Agnostic Front, and if you don't already know the kinship between Madball and AF, you should probably do the knowledge. It is no coincidence that many of the qualities universally agreed upon when it comes to HC, happen to be the very same traits possessed by Madball. Present day MB carries with it the same rage and rebellion that it always has, but there's something to be said about remaining relevant, when many bands of the same semi- advanced age have been relegated to dinosaur status.

The blood, the honor and the truth lives on through the band to this day, and Madball dares to embrace the responsibility of carrying on tradition - the rich NYHC tradition that is understood by few, and imitated by many. MB is one of the few bands representing this thing called Hardcore with enough triumphs, tests and overall experience under its belt, to be qualified leaders. They let you know with tremendous pride that eventually, people grow up, but that doesn't mean you should ever abandon the fundamentals of the movement.

See your way into it honestly, productively and respectfully, and you might find yourself as a welcome member of the greatest extended family in music. A vital element, particularly for THIS band, is lyrics. If you truly desire to know what THIS band is all about, read the fucking lyrics. There's no mistaking their message, or their bluntness. The internet has made this primary, yet crucial aspect of Madball unnecessarily fuzzy, with rumors and tall- tales galore. Rather than suggest to you where Hardcore Lives the album comes from, and where Madball is coming from with this uncompromising; dare it be said, . This piece was essentially part of the song HC Lives, but kind of has a vibe and life of its own, so it worked perfectly that this would be the intro that sets up the song hardcore lives.

It speaks of the struggles and rebellious spirit of the . There are many lyrical . It's also about how the . That spirit is still very much alive and vibrant today. The Balance - is about balancing family life and tour life. We're lucky to be doing something that's . The bad part is, we have to leave the ones we love behind for weeks at a time.

On one hand you appreciate your situation, and on the other, well, it's extremely hard, especially with children involved. It's a bittersweet life. I think anyone that has a job that takes them away from their loved ones will appreciate this track on many levels.

Doc Marten Stomp - is about paying homage to my extended family, my brotherhood; the DMS crew. Also, the Black n Blue supporters worldwide.

It delves into how some people have always viewed us negatively and think we're a gang or something of that sort (we're NOT). It's deeper than that. It's something that started in the streets and there's no shame in that, but, it has certainly grown into much more than a HC crew or street crew - whatever you want to call it. The song speaks of evolution, and paying respects to those who we lost way too young. It speaks of how those of us from the same .

There's a lot you can learn from the old school bands/people. You can also get stuck in a time warp and .

Things that are novelty- based can be cool. That said, it's not what's going to keep things alive and/or fresh. For those of us who choose to stay relevant while retaining some of those old school principals - I think there's something to be said for that. The true school is about the die- hards and the new kids that truly . That can be applied to many things, obviously. Too many people get caught up in the past or future and miss the opportunity that's right before them.

Nothing to Me - is written from two perspectives. It can be applied to how some newer kids may view us.

Also, it can be applied to a parent/child relationship, or just the youth vs. Not that the youth are dumb, they're actually brilliant.

But one can learn from others experiences. Humility is a good thing.

Machine Head - Burn My Eyes - Reviews. There is a strange realm in the world of music, particularly in metal, in which there is no true middle ground over fan reaction to a certain band. Machine Head exists almost completely in this inbetween world.

Their fans generally overhype them and their detractors usually overcriticize them. Either you love or hate this band, which seems to be the truth behind most listeners out there, as one could guess by looking at the scores of this album. I, for one, do not label bands based on style nor past releases. I do not generally hop onto the group bashing bandwagon, unless they truly deserve it (*cough* Metallica *cough*, excuse me.) Machine Head is an irony of sorts, as they do not deserve most of the media praise they get, nor do they deserve to be ripped a new by every other person on the planet. Sure, they made alot of terrible decisions in their time, such as following trends that led to mediocrity spewing forth like a busted sewer line. Still, this band has released some worthwhile music in their time, just not always stellar albums. The media has this fascination with dubbing each and every .

I honestly think this is where most of the heated criticism comes from, as thrash fans are up in arms over a slowed down, simpler band being paraded around by media critics and are proclaimed to be new, revitalizing acts of the thrash metal world. Keep in mind that these are the same media hacks who drew up the totally bogus topic of the . In reality, all of those four bands were challenged and even overcome at some point by various lesser known groups.

Yet to drive the point home, I completely agree with translucent. Flid. The riffs are still respectable, and there are enough variations in the songs to keep them interesting. Things tend to be more melodic during the longer songs, making them more melancholic than the shorter songs, but again the energy shifts help keep things together. Rob Flynn's baritone singing voice sounds fresh thanks to the production quality, which is well done but still maintains a bit of an edge. I know one thing, Flynn's singing is a hell of a lot more tolerable than Anselmo's death grunts in a megaphone sound on . As a groove metal song, it works on all levels and tops everything Pantera was doing at this point in time.

None of these songs are bad, though . That song isn't epic, like something off . The riffset is simplified, as is the usual story here, but it works nonetheless. At the end of the day, I still like this album. I discovered rather late in my plunge into metal, but still latched onto it nonetheless. I don't get alot of the criticisms thrown at this album, but I see it comes largely because it isn't thrash, again pointing to my analysis earlier in this review. In that scope of things, it comes out considerably higher than .

Its actually more comparable to Testament's . If you enjoyed that album, chances are, you'll enjoy this one. Just don't get caught on that thought that this is a pure thrash album, as nothing could be further from the truth.

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