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Crack &Amp; Peel Label Paper

My Mother, however, was unimpressed. Contemplating the half- filled shelf of vinyl in my bedroom as if it were Imelda Marcos's shoe rack, she scolded me as follows. It's quite ridiculous, you don't need any more albums.

Buy something else with your paper round money. I merely muttered something to the effect that . His vinyl collection alone amounted to 2. He was a little strange like this; on CDs, he also insisted on timing the tracks himself, rather than trusting the timings as listed on the sleeve.

Had he lived to be 2. Possessing them, conscientiously filing and noting them was the thing. This has been reflected in the widespread slew of praise for the undertaking of putting up the collection. What a national treasure.

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What volume and diversity, obscurity and eccentricity. You do sense, however, an undeclared, silent follow- up. Much as there are faces only a mother could love, runs the suspicion, there are albums, bands, that only a Peel could love. The first 1. 00 items in his collection are now up online. I have been charged by The Quietus with the task of venturing into the giant, holy sphincter of retention that is the Peel archive (go and see it here.

To venture where few, if any of those who have applauded this online initiative are likely to venture themselves, on the feeble grounds that they've got lives to lead and so forth. The records have not, contrary to the expectations of some, been digitalised, so I am must seek them out in my own record collection, on Spotify, on You. Tube, by whatever means necessary. Sleep can wait, food can wait, ditto bodily functions. Wish me well. The A's – The A's. Waiving the floating apostrophe, the skinny yellow tie is the giveaway – like a latterday Arthur Negus I can date The A's to 1. Philadephia based, the moroseness of their Comsat Angels- type power pop is punctuated by silvery stabs of keyboard.

Proof, perhaps, that John Peel would no more throw out an album than he would drown a puppy? A. A. A. K – Buildingscapebeat. Mancunian purveyors of Electronic Body Music in a Nitzer Ebb stylee from the late 8. Could have been called 'We've Got A Synthesizer And We're Going To Use It When We Figure How'. It is hard to say.

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Crack &Amp; Peel Label Paper

A+P – A+PMore sociologically than musically interesting punk from Munich, with some nifty, spongey guitars and a willingness, on tracks like 'Dachau' to face head on subject matter that was avoided in the subliminal instrumentalism of Krautrock. A poignant moment at its abrupt fadeout, as you imagine JP's dulcet, deadpan tones announcing, . When Martin Fry said . I can unearth nothing on this. A Google search reveals only an unrelated item from Astronomy News. The sleeve reveals it was manufactured in Newcastle Upon Tyne, while typed notes speak tantalisingly of tracks with titles such as 'The Strangely Moving Circus Of Dr Mandelbaum' and 'The Burning Bush (Has Caught Alight Again)'. Perhaps this is one of those records which are better imagined than heard, however.

Not before I've even reached 'Aardvark' - the shame, like a Marathon dropped out of after 8. AC Acoustics – Able Treasury / Victory Parts. Impeccable. Formed in 1. AC Acoustics are the sort of group that should have been much more widely embraced, particularly by those whose hearts droop at the mention of . Sony Vaio Driver Vgn-Nw21ef there. These were their first two albums, released once they'd got the feedback of the Mary Chain out of their ears, and reveal a diamond songwriting craftsmanship in the R.

E. M/Byrdsian tradition but with Caledonian knobs on. AC/DC – High Voltage (Aus edition) / Live From Atlantic Studios / High Voltage (International edition)Yowsa, and yowsa! No man, no woman can said to be fully human unless they have acknowledged their Inner Angus and, although Peel restricts himself to the band's earliest work, eschewing Highway To Hell, he proves himself human indeed. Both Australian and international editions of High Voltage are included, with Live From Atlantic Studios strategically inserted to emphasise the distinction. AC Marias - One Of Our Girls.