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Cics Cobol Application Programming Guide

CICS Interview Questions. These CICS Interview Questions have been designed especially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your interview for the subject of CICS. As per our experience, good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular question during an interview .

Mention CURSOR option in the SEND command. Which command is used to release a record on which exclusive control is gained? EXEC CICS UNLOCK END- EXEC. What are the attribute values of Skipper and Stopper fields? For Skipper field, use ASKIP and for stopper field use PROT. How do you set the MDT option to .

Cics Cobol Application Programming Guide

It should have a PPT entry. It can have names from 1 to 7 chars. What is the function of the CICS translator? The CICS translator converts the EXEC CICS commands into call statements for a specific programming language. What are the differences between an EXEC CICS XCTL and an EXEC CICS LINK command? The XCTL command transfers the control to an application program at the same logical level and it does not expect the control back, while the LINK command passes the control to an application program at the next logical level and expects the control back. What is EIB? How it can be used?

It controls the interactions between. ZCICS Application Programming Guide Introduction The EXEC CICS commands and parameters listed here are the only ones currently supported in the zCICS environment.

CICS automatically provides some system- related information to each task in a form of EXEC Interface Block (EIB), which is unique to the CICS command level. We can use all the fields of EIB in our application programs right away. What information can be obtained from the EIBRCODE? The EIBRCODE tells the application program if the last CICS command was executed successfully or not.

What is the effect of including the TRANSID in the EXEC CICS RETURN command? The next time the end- user presses an attention key, CICS will start the transaction specified in the TRANSID option.

The preceding list contains 0000575 document members. Summary This document provides an alphabetic listing with hyperlinks for the documents that are provided for the. To many people who are thrown to work at a mainframe computer on their first job, they feel lost. Mainframe people seem to speak a completely different language and.

What is the function of the EXEC CICS HANDLE CONDITION command? To specify the paragraph or program label to which the control is to be passed if the . Whereas, the EIBTIME field ha the value at the task initiation time. What is the function of the Terminal Control Table? The TCT defines the characteristics of each terminal with which CICS can communicate. What is a deadlock?

A deadlock occurs when a task is waiting for a resource held by another task which, in turn, is waiting for a resources held by the first task. Explain the term Multi Region Operation. MRO is the mechanism by which different CICS address spaces with in the same CPU can communicate and share resources. What is meant by program reentrance? A program is considered reentrant if more than one task can execute the code without interfering with the other tasks execution.

Handbook structure Chapter 1, “Command-level application programming” on page 1 Gives a summary of command-level application programming commands in. Mainframe Application programming Development Solutions: Free Online IBM Reference Manuals for Mainframe Cobol, Batch Processing, Online Processing, Tools, Editors. Restrictions: If you are using the DB2 precompiler, be aware of the following restrictions: You cannot include COBOL comment lines between the keywords EXEC and SQL.,Abend,Abend 0c7,Abend asra,Abend cics,Abend cobol,Abend code,Abend code 0c7,Abend code cics,Abend db2,Abend ims,Abend list,Abend mvs,Abend s0c4.

What is the common work area? The common work area is a storage area that can be accessed by any task in a CICS system. What is the meaning and use of the EIBAID field? EIBAID is a key field in the execute interface block; it indicates which attention key the user pressed to initiate the task.

Cics Cobol Application Programming Guide

What is BMS? BMS stands for Basic Map Support. It allows you to code assembler level programs to define screens.

Further, you can go through the examples which you have practiced with the subject and make sure you are able to speak confidently on them. If you are a fresher, then the interviewer does not expect you to answer very complex questions. Hence you should have a strong hold over the fundamental concepts of the subject.

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