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Birds Singing Ringtones Free Download

Birds Singing Ringtones Free Download

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Birds Singing Ringtones Free Download

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Bunch Blog — Another great edition of 'Stuff Sonny Hates'! The Free Beacon, where I work when I’m not blogging about Rob Zombie trailers, is starting a blog! Actually, “has started” a blog. Because it’s live and filled with stuffs! I’ll wait. Pretty cool, right? It’s like 2. 00. 5 all over again! Blogs: the wave of the recent past.

So here’s the deal: I’ll still be posting stuff here. Mostly I’ll be posting what I was posting here over there.

And then maybe doing a link roundup once every couple of days saying “here’s what you’ve missed by not adding the Free Beacon’s Editor’s Blog to your RSS feed.”So, yeah. The aforementioned doings have transpired.

I hope you enjoy the new thing. Feel free to complain about it here, as we’ll have no comment section over there.